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About Us

PlayFair Party!

The PlayFair Party is a healthy planet platform. We desire that all citizens be able to create sustainable communities. 

Currently seeking website buliders, App designers, Organizers, Funders, Artists, Renewable Energy Instructors, Sustainability Teachers, Visionaries, and You to assist in building this movement! 

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if you would like to become a team member. We are based in San Francisco, CA.

Why PlayFair Party?

PlayFair because our children matter! The PlayFair Party seeks to build family oriented events where children and adults alike can play and learn about building sustainable and caring communities. 

Play and Learn

Did you know playing could generate electricity?  That’s right! Dance on a piezoelectric dance floor that charges batteries with each step! Who Knew Renewable Energy could be so much fun?!

Did you know with a few simple tools and instruction you could build and install your own solar panel? 

That’s right! 

At the PlayFair Party, caring community members will instruct you on how you can DIY for this and many other sustainable projects!

Did you know building community can help you save resources and time?

That’s right! The PlayFair party educates community members on ways to connect to save time, money, and energy. Time for Time banks, Local Trading and Gifting Networks enable communities to find what they need without needing to pay cash out of pocket. 

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